Automatic Castor Cleaning System

'SmartClean' Automatic Castor Cleaning System


Dirty castor wheels ruin your clean workplace environment.

Cleaning castor wheels is the first step to keep your workplace clean all the time.

World’s First 'SmartClean' Automatic Castor Wheel Cleaning System

| W H E R E T O U S E |


Food preparation and processing industry, Dust-sensitive electronic components industry,
Semiconductor industry, Clean rooms and areas, Research labs, Hospitals,
Nursing homes, Kindergartens and schools, any workplaces where clean environment matters.

| A F T E R U S I N G C A S T E R C L E A N E R  |

Contaminants are driven through the factory 
by the contaminated wheels.

| H O W  I T  W O R K S |

The 'SmartClean' automatic castor wheel cleaning system makes it


Caster Wheel are cleaned.

| F E A T U R E S |

  • World’s First 'SmartClean' Automatic Castor Wheel Cleaning System developed by Daeshin MC
  • Robust, durable and compact design
  • Ramp type and Inground (Built-in) type of castor wheel cleaning system available for various applications
  • Ramp type: suitable for light weight cart or trolley with total loaded weight of 150 kg or less
  • Inground (Built-in) type: designed for heavy cart or trolley with total loaded weight of up to 1,000 kg (Customization available for more than 1,000 kg load cart/trolley)
  • Ramp type cleans size 4 ~ 6 inches castor wheels, and Inground type cleans 4 ~ 8 inches castor wheels
  • With only 12 cm high and 1 m long ramps, the ramp type has a gentle slope (5°) so that cart or trolley can be moved easily and smoothly.
  • Equipped with water recycling system in the ramp type castor cleaning system, the automatic castor wheel cleaning system can be installed in the locations where no water is supplied in the workplace.
  • There are two types of cleaning roller (brush roller and sponge roller) available for use according to dirtiness of castor wheel
  • Easy and convenient design to replace cleaning brush and sponge into the cleaning roller.
  • Direct water supply connection is available.
  • Water recycling system is available and can be installed separately.
  • Inground type with compact and flat design requires only 30 cm deep in ground.
  • Easy and convenient design to dispose of sludge from the castor wheel cleaning system

| W A T E R R E C Y C L I N G S Y S T E M  |

Water recycling system is available for easy and convenient operation.

| I N S T A L L A T I O N |

An installation example of Inground type. (only 300 mm depth required!!)

| I N S T A L L A T I O N E X A M P L E S |

Video materials

Introduction of the 'SmartClean' castor wheel cleaning system: How it works


Wheel cleaning & How to replace a sponge or a brush


Wheel cleaning with sponge and brush & Wheel cleaning - side view


Water removal from the wheel