Shoe Sole Cleaner Auto Mat


Placed before access to the room and area, the 'SoleClean' Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner is the perfect solution to improve your clean environment.

The 'SoleClean' automatic shoe sole cleaner with the bristles extending out of the cleaning water automatically cleans by rotating the brush pad beneath the show soles while stepping on it.

| W H E R E T O U S E |

 | F E A T U R E S |


Powerful cleaning capability

  • Even heavy greasy stains are easily removed by durable bristle brush pad with detergent applied.
  • Equipped with hood master wheel on it, the 'SoleClean' Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner can be easily moved to where shoe sole cleaning is required.
  • With an absorbent mat attached in the 'SoleClean' shoe sole cleaner, it absorbs water on the shoe sole perfectly.
  • With a compact and light design, the 'SoleClean' Automatic Shoe Sole Cleaner can be placed easily and conveniently.
  • Water supply and drain structures are designed for easy and convenient maintenance.
  • Durable and rust-free stainless steel frame and guide rail.



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