Certified of ProfilGate®

Certified and approved Efficiency

The cleaning effectiveness of ProfilGate® is scientifically proven by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute.

Even though our customers confirm the excellent cleaning results of the ProfilGate® system regularly, we wanted to attest these observations by an objective and scientific analysis. In order to do this, we cooperated with the Fraunhofer IPA Institute and created an adequate test setup. During the tests, shoe soles, as well as smaller wheels and larger tires have been cleaned, by just regularly passing the ProfilGate® system. The attached dirt particles have been captured before and after passing the field. Thereafter the probes were analyzed by quantity and also quality, using an electron microscope scanner (Model PSEMeXplorer, by RJL). Please find detailed information about the excellent results on the next page.

Fraunhofer IPA test results for shoe soles:

Only a few steps on the ProfilGate® system are enough to brush off more than 60 % of the adhering dirt.

Fraunhofer IPA test results for smaller wheels:

Just after 3 rotations on the field, the brushes have taken off up to 80 % of the adhering dirt from the wheels.

Fraunhofer IPA test results for tires:

For a sound cleaning of forklift tires we recommend at least 3 rotations.

 Anti-slip property

Several friction evaluation methods proved that our ProfilGate® models show low slipping risk and can therefore be evalu- ated as anti-slip and as floor pavements suitable for operational usage.


Our ProfilGate® models were tested in compliance with the above-mentioned standards and finally classified as anti-skid, appropriate-for-use and flame-resistant floor covers.

Food safety

Our high-quality ProfilGate® bristles are in compliance with the FDA, which regulates the contact of plastic materials with food.